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About the LIBER8 Player

The LIBER Player is an ad-supported video player for desktop and mobile web browsers providing a plug and play video solution featuring the best women's sports content for publishers and broadcasters.

Our Content Partners

LIBER8 has partnered with some of the biggest and best sports rights holders, clubs and content creators to aggregate the very best women's sports content

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How it works

  • LIBER8 provides publisher a simple snippet of code to add to the page directly via their CMS or Google Tag Manager

  • Publisher adds a number of ads.txt lines to their ads.txt file 

  • LIBER8 can customize the content played in the player for each publisher

  • LIBER8 can customize location, size when sticky, and offset from the edges of the window

  • By default the LIBER8 Player goes sticky in the bottom right corner of the page and can be dismissed by the user

  • TLIBER8 Player contains playback and audio controls. Ads can be skipped.

  • A full reporting platform the user can login to and see their daily impressions and revenue

Get started now

  • Publisher signs agreement

  • Publisher provides email address we can send Google MCM invite to (and a GAM network code associated with their GAM, if available)

  • Publisher adds ads.txt entries we provide them to their file

  • Publisher provides domain(s) that they will run the LIBER8 Player on so that we can get approval from our advertising demand partners, including and most importantly Google

  • After process is done (a few business days at minimum, longer in some cases), we will share the code for the publisher to embed on their site

  • At the same time we will share access to the reporting platform

  • Publisher provides payment / bank deposit details

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